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Updated Classics

I don't know about you guys, but I am happy to have seen the holidays come, and I am happy to have seen them go!  I may be in the minority, but I love January.  I love that feeling of clearing the decks and starting anew every year.  I love the freshness January brings, even amid the cold and snow of New York.  It feels like a cleanse each time and brings forth in me new motivation tempered with an element of self reflection.

Those of you who follow Oriana's Findings know that I often say, "you can't beat the classics".  It's true.  You can't.  I stand by that tenet. Classic and traditional design will always be applicable and in good taste.  However, I don't let this credo give me license to be creatively "lazy" and just repeat classic design by rote when working on a project.  I use classic as a guidepost in my designs but try to update it to keep it current and relevant to life today.  I like a room to feel elegant and chic by using classic elements, but also, I want it to feel modernized and current.  This is a delicate balance and is not always easy to achieve without the interior feeling contrived.  I work hard to keep this balance and I see that many others do too.  Some of the best (and my favorites) include, Suzanne Kasler, Garrow Kedigian, Alex Papachristides, Jacques Grange, and Parker Kennedy Living. Their designs seem to embody what I am talking about and I am always inspired by their rooms.

With that said, I thought I'd share some images of theirs and others to inspire you and to illustrate what I mean.  

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Suzanne Kasler

Parker Kennedy Living

Andrew Howard

SuzAnn Kletzien

Jean Louis Denoit

Garrow Kedigian

Jacques Grange